SB 231 Defeated

VSFA had another HUGE victory yesterday! Sen. Miller’s bill (SB 231) was defeated.  This bill would have modified the Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act to include “vaping” in the same definition as “smoking,” and as a result would have banned e-cig’s and vapor products from all public places excluding Vapor Shops.  VFSA’s lobbying efforts, led by Steve Baril, were instrumental in ensuring that your voice was heard loud and clear. Please read the article today in the Richmond-Times Dispatch:

So far VSFA is 2-2, having defeated HB 627, which would have imposed a 15% tax on the wholesale price of vapor products, and now SB 231. 

Please know that your membership dues are hard at work and are producing results. Bear in mind that the General Assembly is not yet half-way through and VSFA is still vigilantly monitoring legislation that could impact our vaping industry.

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